July 5, 2024

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MISO Chip called on Innovitech to better understand the financing mechanisms available in Quebec and Canada to facilitate the commercialization of their predictive diagnostic services. Our team produced a detailed portrait that enabled this promising SME to plan its next phases of growth with confidence.



In the first phase of our study, we identified around twenty programs focused on showcasing or pre-commercial clinical validation.

Following this, more in-depth research was conducted on a targeted sample of seven programs, chosen for their significant alignment with MISO Chip’s specific needs. This phase involved in-depth interviews and analysis of various documents, enabling us to capture the potential of each program for MISO Chip, and to exclude two options that proved irrelevant.

Our comparative assessment then revealed that the REIS-IMPACT program holds the most promise for meeting MISO Chip’s requirements, closely followed by the EAHN and IQ/MEIE Technology Showcase programs. This detailed analysis enabled MISO Chip to strategically position itself to exploit the most suitable and promising technologies in its field of activity.