May 16, 2024


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The Brief

Innovitech was involved in updating their development program and redesigning their deployment plan, taking into account the impact that the pandemic may have had on certain partners and also benefiting from the renewed interest of the federal government and industry budgets. Our mandate included a strategic analysis of DAIR organizations, the exploration of technological and business opportunities, inspiring key stakeholders through benchmarking with similar organizations worldwide, and recommending an engagement strategy and action plan for the next steps.

In parallel with this project, Innovitech contributed to a comprehensive mapping of aerospace and defense companies in Ontario. A grid was also developed to target specific companies that might be interested in establishing themselves on the campus or collaborating on various initiatives and programs. The project provided DAIR with an internal tool to prospect, map, and document its relationships with multiple organizations.

Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research (DAIR)

The results

​The strategic planning resulted in the following:

  1. An action-oriented strategic plan to reposition the DAIR center in a post-COVID context was submitted, including an updated value proposition.
  2. A list of detailed strategic recommendations outlining key initiatives, including a prioritization framework resulting from four key action groups.

The results of our support for the Green Fund are as follows:

  1. The establishment of the governance model and management capabilities of the fund program.
  2. The development of a project toolkit (including, for example, a collaboration agreement framework, an evaluation and selection grid, and project management tools) to strengthen DAIR’s capabilities to independently manage the fund in the future.
  3. Support for the evaluation and selection of projects to be funded: Two funding cycles were completed.