May 16, 2024


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The brief

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) tasked Innovitech with support in putting in place best practices and tools to implement a diverse, inclusive and excellence-oriented initiative called Health Beyond (HB). Health Beyond is a CSA initiative designed to explore and support Canadian contributions to the delivery of medicine to astronauts during remote space exploration. ​

By achieving this goal, HB hopes to not only help space exploration, but also transfer this knowledge to remote Canadian communities where access to medicines is difficult.

Canadian Space Agency

The results

  1. Creation and management of a list of key organizations and individuals, identification of Health Beyond ambassadors and regional committees.
  2. Communication plan and editorial calendar.
  3. Implementation of a monthly newsletter for Health Beyond community members.
  4. Creation of HB workshops by defining objectives, format, budget, logistics, communications, registration, programming and feedback.
  5. Presentation of a final report providing an overview of the activities.