July 5, 2024


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Innovitech recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the City of Montreal to conduct a comparative analysis of public WiFi networks around the world.

In partnership with the firm TKM – Technology Knowledge Metrix, our team embarked on an exhaustive information-gathering process and conducted in-depth interviews to highlight the key aspects of public networks in iconic cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Helsinki, and Seoul.

Ville de Montréal


The objective of this study was to understand best practices, challenges, and innovations in urban connectivity through the lens of public WiFi networks. Through our research and interviews, our team closely examined the strategies adopted by different metropolises to provide wireless internet access to their citizens and visitors.


  • Analysis of the current situation and recent developments of public WiFi networks in several cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Helsinki, and Seoul.
  • Collection of information and interviews (in partnership with the firm TKM) to highlight the main points of these public networks.

This study will make a significant contribution to the ongoing discussions within the City of Montreal regarding the future development steps of its MTL WiFi service, which has been operational since 2016.