May 16, 2024


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The Brief

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM) is a federal not-for-profit consortium that acts as the national catalyst for the new Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry in Canada. CAAM has partnered with over 75 organizations including industry, academia, private capital and all three levels of government to launch projects aimed at getting the AAM industry off the ground. ​

CAAM’s early days, referred to as CAAM 1.0, was mostly focused on increasing the awareness and visibility of this emerging industry. CAAM is now at a crossroad where it needs to continue playing this education & awareness role, while developing sustainable sources of income. CAAM is a network, with good visibility and connections, but doesn’t currently have paying members or a structured business model.​

In 2023, Innovitech was mandated to provide a neutral assessment of CAAM and help the organization define different pathways for revenue generating activities and growth : the CAAM 2.0 model.

Canadian Air Advanced Mobility (CAAM)

The results

During this study, the following were key recommendations made Innovitech for CCAM 2.0 Model:​

  • Development of partnership(s) with other organization(s) that have an interest in AAM: Put into action the concept of “Develop globally, deploy locally”, advices to build and sustains operation resources, put in place a strategy to get public funding​
  • Revenue streams to consider in CAAM’s “basket of services”: plan to be part of partnership with regional partners, definition of CAAM’s service offers on 3 streams : animation, privileged POC with TC/governments & studies (and new one on “use-case project support”), methodology to attract deliberately non-aerospace companies​
  • Collaboration with INSAT and AIAC Innovation Gateway: Preparation of an action plan to build partnerships and answer adequately in the stream of advanced air mobility of RFI’s INSAT/AIAC.
  • Other elements: adapt CAAM’s vision and mission to the new value proposition, formalize membership rules to foster engagement and potentially develop a (small) revenue base.