Management: Collaboration and entrepreneurship

Establishment and management of innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems

We help you develop innovative projects, working closely with your organisation to understand your needs and objectives, to create tailored ecosystems that meet your expectations. We support you in optimising your ecosystem by strengthening the links between the various players, encouraging open innovation, facilitating collaborations and stimulating synergies.

Our incubator and technology accelerator creation and management service creates support for companies, entrepreneurs and institutions to develop innovative projects and accelerate their growth. This allows us to leverage your organisation by providing expertise in project selection, mentoring, funding, partnerships, marketing and innovation management.

We work closely with you to create tailor-made collaboration platforms, where actors in the innovation ecosystem can meet, exchange, and build innovative projects together, with the aim of fostering long-term economic growth and innovation.

Are you looking to establish yourself and thrive in an environment that fosters innovation? We help our clients connect to key partners in the local ecosystem, such as research centres, universities, incubators, accelerators and funding networks. We also assist them in understanding local regulations and policies, establishing contacts with potential customers and integrating their products and services into the local market to ensure the integration of innovative companies into the ecosystem.

Our ecosystem management training and coaching service will help you better understand and manage the complex dynamics of collaborative innovation. We offer tailor-made training and coaching to strengthen your skills in ecosystem management, collaboration and strategic partnership development. Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create and manage innovative and collaborative ecosystems!

Catalysing the strengths of collaboration

We act as mobilisers, connectors and strategists with different ecosystems and different types of organisations. We work with research and training institutions, as well as with large and small companies, NPOs, specialised investment funds, developers and government.

This knowledge of the various stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem and their needs allows us to initiate collaborations, and transform your bold ideas into meaningful achievements.


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