Consulting: Strategy and innovation

Research, monitoring, techno-commercial foresight

We provide business monitoring to help you stay on top of the latest trends and technological advances in your sectors. We closely monitor developments in technology and provide in-depth analysis of the potential impact of these advances on business.

We conduct market research to help you validate your concepts and understand the needs of your target markets. We provide in-depth analysis of market trends, opportunities and challenges, as well as competitive assessments. This service will help you understand the potential of your target market and develop a successful launch strategy.

Strategic planning and consulting in innovation and commercialisation

We offer strategic innovation planning to help companies develop effective action plans for their innovation process. This is done with the aim of defining your innovation strategy, identifying growth opportunities, assessing risks and putting in place efficient execution plans.

We support you in the commercialisation of your innovation by providing effective commercialisation strategies. We will work alongside you to develop successful product launch plans, identify effective distribution channels, develop targeted marketing campaigns and maximise your return on investment. In parallel, we help you identify growth opportunities in your markets and adapt your commercialisation strategy accordingly.

Improvement of innovation management capacities and tools

Through our expert consultants, we offer advice on innovation management, organisation and governance to develop effective innovation processes. This service is developed in close collaboration with you to identify the best innovation models and innovation management practices for their business.

We also help you set up effective organisational structures to foster innovation.

We provide innovation project management and product management tools to effectively manage your innovation processes. We equip you with tools for project planning, risk management, cost management, quality management and time management. We also help our clients identify the right product management tools for their business.

This service is offered to help you effectively manage technological change in your organisation through the identification of change impacts, the development of change management strategies, staff training and the establishment of effective communication processes.

We also teach you how to manage organisational change to ensure successful adoption of new technologies.

R&D management, technology assessment and optimisation, and intellectual property

Technology and innovation assessment will enable you to evaluate emerging technologies, innovations and market opportunities. Identify the most promising technologies for your company, assess their market potential and develop execution plans for their implementation!

Learn how to manage innovation and technology projects in a collaborative way to foster cooperation between different stakeholders. We will support you in setting up effective collaborative processes to foster innovation, creativity and problem solving.

We offer R&D management to help you manage your research and development processes effectively. Learn how to define your R&D strategy more effectively, evaluate research opportunities, manage your portfolio of R&D projects and maximise your return on R&D investments.

Turning your vision into meaningful strategies

Innovitech develops innovative strategies to harness your assets and talents. We explore synergies with relevant stakeholders to identify concrete business and collaboration opportunities to help you in your innovation strategy.

We position your projects in the global context of technological, political, socio-economic and environmental dynamics and the latest business practices and analyse them in a personalised manner to validate their interest, relevance and ensure their sustainability.


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