Consortiums: Integrated Management and Operations

Sustaining, implementing and achieving your vision

We offer an integrated management service for the development and operation of innovation consortiums. We work with consortiums to deploy their operations, accelerate their growth and outreach, attract investment and mandates from multiple private and public institutions at the regional, national and international levels by guaranteeing unique and privileged access to high-calibre expertise and unique know-how in managing innovation ecosystems. We offer an integrated, systemic or tailor-made approach to help you achieve your goals.

Providing more cost-effective solutions to these organisations with highly specialised and/or ad hoc needs, our teams of experts and professionals carry out all the administrative and financial, logistical and operational, and development and outreach activities necessary to ensure their sustainability and growth. This allows our customers to focus their efforts on running their core business, while reducing operating costs and shortening deployment times.

You can benefit from a wide range of proven, à la carte or turnkey services; from the management of specific programs to the full management of your asset portfolio. Our services also include the rental of strategically positioned real estate in close proximity to other innovative organisations.

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