Coaching: Business Support

Assistance in a global approach or an innovation project

We offer personalised coaching and support for technology start-ups or emerging innovative projects. We help entrepreneurs develop sound business plans, innovative business models and effective growth strategies.

We offer personalised support for established innovative companies in their process of transformation and performance improvement. We work with our clients to develop long-term growth strategies, improve their operational efficiency and optimise their supply chain management.

Are you facing obstacles in growing innovative projects?

We offer customised support for the management of innovative growth projects, focusing on the optimisation of planning, risk and resource management, as well as the implementation of efficient project management processes.

We offer a range of training and webinars in technological entrepreneurship and innovation. Our training programs are designed to help entrepreneurs develop the skills needed to develop sound business plans, raise capital and manage their business effectively. Our webinars cover a variety of topics related to innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

Sustaining, implementing and achieving your vision

We offer outsourcing services including the management and operation of innovative ecosystems and the recruitment and retention of your team.

Providing more cost-effective solutions to these organisations with highly specialised and/or ad hoc needs, our teams of experts and professionals carry out all the administrative and financial, logistical and operational, and development and outreach activities necessary to ensure their sustainability and growth. This allows our customers to focus their efforts on running their core business, while reducing operating costs and shortening deployment times.

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