Who we work with

Over the years, Innovitech has established and diversified its clientele and partnerships among all the actors and stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem – entrepreneurs, industrialists (large companies/EMOs, integrators, SMEs, start-ups), academic institutions (universities, colleges and research centres), investors, communities (municipalities and territories) and NPOs acting as intermediaries, government agencies, etc.

Our expertise

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In emerging technology sectors, we directly support innovative companies, increasing the innovation and collaboration capacity of innovators and entrepreneurs in various sectors such as smart and sustainable mobility, digital and personalised health, artificial intelligence and digital technologies, new materials and processes such as 3D printing.

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In industrial sectors revitalised by innovation, we strengthen technology transfers and supply chain efficiency, through intermediation and partnership processes, by setting up structuring projects, consortiums, clusters, innovation zones and campuses, e.g. in the aerospace, health technology, energy and transport sectors, etc.

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With intermediation organisations, we guide and assist them to become important stakeholders in evolving and even disruptive ecosystems through the systemic effects of cumulative experiences of successful technological and social innovations, e.g. in the implementation of neighbourhoods of the future, resilient cities, technologies for keeping the elderly at home, etc.