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Innovitech offers turnkey solutions for projects that are funded from industrial memberships and government partners.

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Quartiers émergents

Innovative Districts

Since its beginning, Innovitech developed and directed over thirty development projects, provincially and nationally.

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Nouvelle de la semaine: Bilan du @LeTremplin_ incubateur parisien du sport au stade de la maturité @DodgersAccel
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@KHEOPS_research @drouin_nathalie Merci et au plaisir!
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.@NASA ’s Next-Gen Ships Run on Last-Gen Chips @asc_csa @CRIAQ_aero @MDA_SatSystems @SpaceX @MDA_Robotics
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6 novembre 2016, voilà la date limite de dépôt des projets pour #StartupQu ébec @sylvain @diane_berard @InnoCiteMTL
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On Entertainment crée 300 emplois à Montréal @bctq_qftc @anumerique @MTLINTL #VFXMTL
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Why helmets don't prevent #concussions — and what might @StanfordBrain @TEDTalks @INSQuebec
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Our mission
Create and structure innovative projects
Our role
Break isolation by connecting people in the business industry
Our strength
Manage and mobilize stakeholders
Our vision
Make Quebec a leader in innovation and new technologies

Our expertise

  • environnement-creatif

    Innovation Ecosystems

    More than ever, it is the era of creative revitalization of urban districts

  • aeronautique

    The Aerospace Sector

    CRIAQ is an important link in the dynamic aerospace industry in Quebec

  • technologies-medicales

    Medical Technologies

    Make of medical technologies a strategic vector for economic development and wealth creation in Quebec

  • politiques-publiques

    Public Policies

    Act as a strategist towards political authorities and monitors current developments regarding the elaboration of major breakthroughs in innovation and economic development strategies